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How many guests can Monaciano accomodate ?

We can welcome up to 100-120 guests. The main Villa is divided in doubles rooms with private bathrooms; the countryhouses are divided in apartments from 2 to 6 guests.

In case you’ll have more guests we can help you with extra accommodations.

What is the closest Town Hall for a civil ceremony?

One of the most beautiful Town Halls in Italy is the Town Hall of Siena. It is in the middle of the city center, in Piazza del Campo square, 4 kms far from Monaciano. It is the perfect setting for your civil ceremony in Tuscany.
It is suggested to reach the city with a private bus that can collect all the guests before and after the ceremony. From the bus stop there is a short walk through the city to reach Piazza del Campo square. The car of the bride will have the permission to enter directly in the main square (same thing if there are old guests that cannot walk so much).

We are also working with the Town Hall in order to have the permission to celebrate weddings in our Estate.

Do you have services of the area that you can recommend?

We have the pleasure to work with many great professionals of the area. In case you’ll need some tips just let us know.

How far is Monaciano from the main city / services?

Luckily Monaciano is not only surrounded by the most beautiful Tuscan countryside, it is also only 4 kms far from the Unesco Heritage city of Siena. You can reach museums , shops , supermarket , restaurants very easily with your car or with a taxi.
The train / bus station (which connects Siena with all the cities and airports) is only 3 kms far from our Estate. In case you rent a car, Florence and Pisa airports are only 1 hour and 1 hour and half far from us.

Where could we plan a symbolic ceremony?

Monaciano has plenty of options for your symbolic ceremony and you can choose the one that you love most.
Our amphitheater is the most loved one but also gardens or vineyards can be the set of your special ceremony.

Is there a back-up plan in case of rain?

Monaciano has several solutions for you in case of bad weather. We have worked on this a lot in order to avoid the problems for you to rent marquees, which are always very expensive.

What is the solution for a religious ceremony?

There is a famous and wonderful catholic church, which was part of an ancient convent, only 2 minutes far from the Villa. It can be reached by car or with a private bus that can be booked to collect all the guests.
An Anglican church is inside Siena’s city center. Jewish and Indian ceremonies can be planned too.

Is there a minimum stay?

Yes, 3 nights are the minimum stay

Wich activities can be planned in Monaciano?

There are many activities that can be planned in Monaciano. It is only important to book them on time.
Here some ideas:
Wine tasting ; Pizza dinner ; Tuscan BBQ ; Pic Nic ; Movie Projections ;
Horse riding ; Vespa and Bike rent ; Yoga ; Cooking classes ; Photo and Painting lessons.

Talking about the wine tasting, we produce wine and olive oil. If you want you can plan a tour of the cellars and taste then the wine with us. Your guests can also buy bottles during their stay and ask us to ship them when they go back home.